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work stuff generalJuly 25th, 2006
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Finally the team has a Wordpress MU installation up and running - we’re now creating a flurry of blogs for everyone (including one of the Operators, who’ll be running a ‘claim to fame’ blog which started this whole process off.

MU appears to have a just a few limitations which we may need to iron out, but no showstoppers so far. It’s running on the same VM as the wiki, but thankfully now on a dedicated server - not my desktop!

The luminosity myth

paintingJuly 16th, 2006
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A fascinating article debunking some of the myths and preconceptions of transparent watercolour: https://www.handprint.com/.

Market Farces

generalJuly 15th, 2006
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My ADSL has been up n’ down (mainly down) for the last few days - thanks to my ISP selling the ADSL bit of my (previously BT) line to Tiscali. I imagine this saves them money. I just hope the issues they’re having will be short lived.

BT are apparently working on a neater way to switch lines back so I may request a revert to BT when things settle down.

On the plus side a few days at home without t’interweb has given me time to paint, and that goes well.

RTFM - GreaseMonkey Persistent vars

greasemonkeyJuly 10th, 2006
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Just discovered data persistence in GreaseMonkey!
Updated the WGW Script to Version 2.

WGW Forum GreaseMonkey Script

greasemonkeyJuly 8th, 2006
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Scripting before breakfast again. This is a short script for Firefox’s GreaseMonkey plug-in to ease reading of the WGW site forum.

It eliminates the sidebar, freeing some space into which I’ve expanded the main forum area.


oh clever….

Web ComputingJuly 7th, 2006
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Just been reading this when I noticed a very intuitive bit of ‘fixed’ness. As you scroll down the article that’s at left, the comment form gradually appears from behind higher z’d content.

So damn simple.

Weekend in the Yurt

history / prehistoryJuly 4th, 2006
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Bronze RapierSword casting, the Bronze Age way, in Wiltshire.
Spent last weekend in Neil Burridge’s Yurt at Devizes Museum and Avebury, watching & learning casting and finishing techniques as they would have been practised during the Bronze Age.

The time betweeen building the fire to pouring into the mould led to lots of interesting and informative talk about history, archeological evidence of weapons, development and grave deposits.

On the Sunday, joined Neil again with more archeology students to do some axe casting and some copper smelting, with impressive results.

Now I have the unenviable task of hand finishing the rapier, polishing out the uneven areas of the blade and getting it ready for adding a handle.

paintingJuly 2nd, 2006
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Track to the Farm - Pastel 2006My most recent completed painting. A December morning near a local farm.

Pastel 2005-2006.