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PHP 4 shocker / The Fun Just Never ends

observationOctober 18th, 2006
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Speaking with my Web Technologies tutor this morning I’ve learned that I have to produce something along the lines of ‘an ecommerce website’ for our end of semester project. Today we had a sixty-five slide intro to PHP, followed by a run through some samples now we have linux accounts.

It turns out they’re only running PHP 4.4 something - so all the advantages of PHP 5 Objects are off the cards unless I work on my own server and submit final work and code on a laptop.

Walking around the City afterwards, spotted this:

Golf Bar Psychic Night
What a combination!

Midnight blogging

generalOctober 18th, 2006
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It has taken me just shy of an hour to blog my entry to the History Matters ‘one day in history’ weblog. It’s probably the concern that there’s no delete or edit - it’s fixed, forever.

Submitted it just before midnight and am not sure it was a) all that good, and b) free of typos - I was in such a rush at the end. Now of course I remember loads of things I’d have liked to put in.

Our cats, both curled up here with us, are oblivious to the fact that I’ve just recorded their names to a national record. Many pet owners seem to have done the same - very British all in all.

Now it’s tomorrow (iyswim) and I’m the only one left awake. In Uni today, and we’re doing PHP, basic, really basic PHP. Yawn.

First Fog

generalOctober 13th, 2006
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Has Autumn finally arrived?

Wheelchair users and headless children

observationOctober 7th, 2006
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Wheelchair users and Headless Children

Wiki Promotion - an utterly childish solution for small teams

work stuffOctober 5th, 2006
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Thanks go to Phil Wilson for his post about Wiki promotion in small teams. I ran an impromptu formatting tutorial at my desk yesterday, and continue to post everything I do, then mail the link to the team. Few, but some of us, are using Feedreader to get updates.

In a new twist, I’m appealing to their inner children, and a little fear and mistrust can also go a long way. In short:

we’ve started keeping scores for The Circle Game on the wiki.

All in all it’s working, I have been distracted from this post twice now due to my Wiki’ing cohorts. What’s more they’re using it for work stuff too.