Drag n’ Drop CAPTCHA puzzle

September 8th, 2006
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Drag n Drop CAPTCHA mechanism screenie

Simply re-arrange the images to make a visible key before clicking submit.

Fiddling with Scriptaculous earlier today I had an idea for a CAPTCHA mechanism. Cycling through the $_POST array in PHP gives you the form data, in order of submission.Scriptaculous’ sortable feature allows you to change order of items in a List, so adding an image with corresponding hidden input field gives you a basic puzzle to satisfy the CAPTCHA requirement.

Simple Drag n’ Drop CAPTCHA (written 8th September, 2006, code available on request).

Still comes with all the same accessibility problems most mechanisms have (with the added JS requirement), but saves the need for image generation.This version *can* use any naming convention for the images and input field names, they’re generated and checked by an array so don’t need to be numerically ordered - which could be a giveaway.

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