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More UU stuff

generalJanuary 21st, 2007
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According to my bank statement, they’re calling themselves ‘United Ultities’. Says it all.

UU *Pay your bill* form

observationJanuary 15th, 2007
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N*** M******* 28/03/2006 CV2 number validation added

Pay Your Water Bill

Stonehenge Primary Care Trust

history / prehistoryJanuary 10th, 2007
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This is as fascinating as it is disconcerting - embracing the idea that Stonehenge was just a prehistoric Lourdes may take some effort, but why should ancient belief systems and their proponents work differently to those younger ones? The target audience remains the same.

Losing clients

generalJanuary 4th, 2007
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Starting the year with the loss of your longest-standing and biggest client has it’s upsides. Really! You find resolve to up your game. You re-evaluate the services you offer and how much value they offer the client and yourself.

You regret the cessation of great working relationships, learn some new things about them too, and realise that perhaps you need to remember the personal is as important as the virtual.