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Early man ‘couldn’t stomach milk’

history / prehistoryFebruary 28th, 2007
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By early they mean Neolithic. The study taking in skeletons as young as 5000 years ago. Evolution in action!

RIP - my first car

generalFebruary 17th, 2007
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I have scrapped my first car today. Purchased on the 20th October 1998 and driven until September 2002. Four-and-a-half years standing still and SORN thereafter.

I have kept three fuses and the cigarette lighter as mementos.

Sleep Deprivation, and WHM

generalFebruary 16th, 2007
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A combination of bad dreams made worse by someone ringing up in the early hours and sending the dream off into previously undiscovered depths of paranoid weirdness. After that I had no chance of sleep so got up and did some reading. By half-past-four I had discovered this (and this)- which woke me up - and decided I had to write many an email to try and get the place’s funding reinstated in the long-term. While I hadn’t sought any replies, an acknowledgement might have been nice. I daren’t look in my sent items as who knows what nonsense I railed about at that hour?

Graham Arnold, on painting

paintingFebruary 10th, 2007
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From the Brotherhood of Ruralists website:

I paint because I am happier painting than any other activity. Ever since I was a small boy and painted beside my father in our tiny warm kitchen I have enjoyed the seclusion and safety of my studio. When I am anywhere other than my studio, particularly with people, I am nervous and tense. My idea of happiness is to be in my studio and to know I have no commitments for at least three weeks.

I also enjoy the making of a painting from the first working drawing of my idea - the preparation of the board or canvas to the slow build up of the painting. I like to wake up in the morning knowing I am going to paint light falling on hair or to spend four days painting a beautifully graduated sky.

I like paint in tubes, the brushes and above all the smell of turps and linseed oil.

Finally, I paint my inner imaginative world and try to give my feelings and emotions a form. Once in every twenty paintings or so, a painting will give me a comeback and satisfaction which nothing else can match and these paintings point the way forward into still more exciting worlds.