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Silbury Finds

June 23rd, 2007
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Additional info from EH with finds in Week 5. (PDF)

Inline Category Style for Wordpress

June 22nd, 2007
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If you’re reading this post on the main index page, then it’s being styled by a new plugin for posts in the Wordpress Loop, calling an alternate loop include based on their category. It’s called Category Style. Useful for short alert posts, like this one.

Richard Wilson, Turning The Place Over

observationJune 22nd, 2007
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Richard Wilson - Turning the place over

 Artist to turn the place over

Summer Solstice

observationJune 21st, 2007
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4-49AM, LAT 53:28:56N

4.49 am


Silbury Update Number 5

June 18th, 2007
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EH’s Fifth PDF Update on the Silbury repairs.

Silbury Hill Update 05 (PDF)

A work in progess

paintingJune 15th, 2007
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Avenue in Oil


A work in progess

[a work at standstill].

Councillor Joe Anderson on Liverpool Capital of Culture 2008

generalJune 15th, 2007
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general »

“Sadly, I now feel that 2008 is very little about the people of Liverpool and community involvement and I am increasingly alarmed at the vast sums of money that have been spent and that are still required, with very little to show for it so far.”


Safari Beta for Windows

jsJune 12th, 2007
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Safari (beta, and for Windows), a bit of a damp squib this, I have a site in development for a client (and friend of old) with a strong Macintosh background. The site makes good use of the script.aculo.us library to animate items to the screen. I’d hoped this would allow me to stop switching machines quite so often for testing.

Loading the site up, I get no body text where I would expect it to load. The beta doesn’t seem to contain a Script debugger either. Reading through the docs for Safari I have to add the debug menu via terminal window (so no Win specific help then!).

I’m stuck now with a site I need to be exceptionally Safari friendly, but can’t debug. So am also stuck with a browser beta I can’t test any further.

Silbury Update no. 4

June 11th, 2007
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EH’s Fourth PDF Update on the Silbury repairs. Silbury Hill Update 04 (PDF)

Martin Greenland @ Farfield Mill

paintingJune 11th, 2007
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I couldn’t wait to see this exhibition, so we drove up for it’s second day. I’m very familiar with the artist’s winning entry to the JM24, but had seen no other paintings in the flesh.

Before Vermeer’s Clouds - Walker Art Gallery
Before Vermeer’s Clouds in The Walker, with original frame restored.

Fortuitously we had chosen the same day that the artist was giving a talk about his work - surreptitiously advertised only by sticky address labels which had been placed over the posters in town. We had a few minutes of viewing time before this began, just long enough to be highly impressed - though the strong sunlight an reflections made viewing a little difficult.

Accompanied by a slideshow of his output from student work to the present, we were guided through his early paintings, the advice from his tutors, to the development of the symbols and themes which run through his work. This was enriched by the personal nature of many of the works and the stories, ideas, events and sometimes dreams that influenced them.

I couldn’t have hoped to see so much, learn so much and gain an insight into the personal and professional development that makes such great paintings, so I was pretty damn thrilled throughout. Even better was the fact that the particular influences and the statements of intent, the descriptions of losing a painting as it was developing and adapting imagery to prevailing situations I found I could identify with easily, even if my own painting is still hunting for it’s lost vocabulary.

The talk lasted two hours (with twenty slides removed - sadly - time constraints I imagine), giving us some time to review the paintings on show once more before we headed home. Just past four, the strong light had dropped a bit so everything was far easier to see - especially the drawing’s for ‘National Park’.

Had a brief discussion about websites with another artist called Maggie Berkowitz, who’s site has some fine examples of her ceramic work on display.