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New working schedule and engineering report for Silbury Hill

August 9th, 2007

The EH site’s Silbury Updates page now has the new working schedule, and another engineering report. Skanska are now installing their own supports within the Atkinson tunnel to allow them to proceed safely.

It is also heartening to read that none of the experts or groups involve think that Silbury is in direct catastrophic danger, however it’s clear that public interest in the Hill is influencing the release of information:

“To put this void into context, the volume of the manmade
portion of Silbury Hill is estimated to be in the
order of 234,000 cubic metres of chalk rubble. The
central collapse volume is 125 cubic metres, which as a
volumetric ratio is 0.05% of the volume of the hill.
Thus, from a structural perspective, this void constitute
a very minor volume compared with the whole
structure, and both Skanska and independent
geotechnical experts have concluded that there is
absolutely no risk to the overall structure of Silbury
Hill, in terms of major collapse or any implied or
rumoured ‘implosion’.”

Some of the report’s contents could have been released earlier, and perhaps minimised the rumour. It’s good to know she’s not in bad shape, there’ll probably be more to worry about once all the diggers, the portakabins and the fences are gone.

Wiltshire Wedding

August 5th, 2007

In the final few days of my time off we managed to squeeze in a trip to Avebury – where I did some more sketching and went for a walk down the Ave’ to see Silbury – The Mother Hill was all quiet but surrounded by cabins, diggers and wire fencing. Hopefully the dry spell will lead to more stable times for her.

Before heading for home, we drove into Devizes to go in search of a particular spot:

Ann Arnold’s Wiltshire Wedding

Above is an image of Ann Arnold’s painting “Wiltshire Wedding” (available in high quality print from Ruralist Fine Art) . Below is a photo taken yesterday of the Church beside Wiltshire Heritage Museum which must have been the inspiring spot. The trees are a good deal thicker now and some of the walls now have windows instead of doorways.

Photo of the Path from the painting

There’s a tall tree much like the one the painting further over, behind the church too.