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September 21st, 2007
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The 08 card was a fabulous idea for getting people in the region interested (and assisted) in the Capital of Culture events. Given some of the press they’ve had (and some issues of promotion) it made good sense, and in some ways provides a tangible element of inclusion for people in wider Merseyside.

Then this arrives:

08 Card News Blast - VIP Offer

Last weeks 08 Card news blast was a tremendous success….This week the 08 Card team is bringing you somethingexclusive as a thank you for being part of this exciting membership scheme: the chance to be the first to buy (my emphasis) your own special edition black and silver VIP 08 Card before the public launch!

There then follows a list of the bars, shops, fitness centres and airports I can get discounts or freebies from once I’ve bought the card.

It’s disheartening to see the blatant piggybacking of consumer “exclusives” on the back of an alleged inclusive cultural event.

I only hope that similar sums are being spent on the excellent cultural resources we already had - the ones that earned us this increasingly dubious accolade in the first place.

We of course have new museums and many cultural events are planned, a number of impressive exhibitions will be hitting Liverpool next year which I am thoroughly looking forward to, but these are no different to the excellent events that places like Tate Liverpool and The Walker were already capable of putting on themselves - The Rosetti Exhibition, The Alma-Tadema Exhibition, The Peter Blake Retrospective.

Why am I receiving emails about cut-price massages, but nothing about these events?

edit: Towards the bottom, right hand corner of the VIP Offer page (https://emreact.com/go.html?/bLIV001/), is a link to September Events. Satisfied, but underwhelmed.

At The Walker’s 130th Anniversary tour last week, it was stated that the gallery’s C19th attendance peaked at around 2,400 people per day (averaged over a year!). Recent figures are nearer a third of that.

I wonder what sort of traffic (official partner) Metquarter will get as a result of this exclusive, VIP, ‘cultural’ initiative?


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