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Dame Laura Knight at the Lowry

paintingMarch 24th, 2008
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Prior to this I knew little of Laura Knight’s work but did know of her preoccupation, the Lady Lever’s oil of ballet dancers is probably the picture I knew best. A good show, free entry, and alot to see. There are some large scale oils and drawings, but in the main it’s her very vibrant sketches (ink, chalk, carbon, watercolour) and etchings, some hand-coloured, that take the main space as they should.

Tantalisingly the final room mentions she worked as official artist at the Nuremberg trials. Out of the scope of this show, but I’d love to see some of that work.

Dame Laura Knight at the Theatre (Fri 21 Mar 2008 - Sun 6 Jul 2008)

While you’re there: -Harold Riley’s photographic exhibition (til the 20th of April) is bloody marvellous too.

Where’s Tibet? China ???

generalMarch 23rd, 2008
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Its an old story, with renewed relevance. Perhaps as a concession, a search for tibet on g**gle maps shows you roughly where Lhasa is, and drops the phrase ‘China ???’ into the sidebar.

Slightly braver, it can be found elsewhere with the letters TAR (Tibet Autonomous Region).

Lonely Planet’s map uses neither, the area is under the administration of China. Despite the URL, they do not put the word ‘Tibet’ or ‘TAR’ over the marked area. https://www.lonelyplanet.com/maps/asia/china/tibet/