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Peter Ellis’ other build

September 12th, 2008

Picture of Sixteen Cook Street, LiverpoolPicture of Sixteen Cook Street, Liverpool
View of Sixteen Cook Street, Liverpool

Peter Ellis’ other build, 16 Cook Street Liverpool.

Stonehenge, big fence

September 3rd, 2008

Archaeologists have found traces of the 20ft-high timber fence that snaked almost two miles across Salisbury Plain and hid sacred ceremonies from unworthy locals more than 5,000 years ago.

Dr Josh Pollard, of Bristol University, who is co-director of the dig, said: ‘The construction must have taken a lot of manpower … The palisade is an open structure which would not have been defensive and was too high to be practical for controlling livestock … It certainly wasn’t for hunting herded animals and so, like everything else in this ceremonial landscape, we have to believe it must have had a religious significance.’

‘The most plausible explanation is that it was built at huge cost to the community to screen the environs of Stonehenge from view. Basically, we think it was to keep the lower classes from seeing what exactly their rulers and the priestly class were doing.’

Read this news Courtesy of Moss on TMA

Hard found gains in Symfony

September 2nd, 2008

My first production Symfony application is a newletter manager and sender. This gave me a few headaches that I couldn’t easily find solutions for in the Docs. In the end trial, error and other sources came up with some gems that kept things moving.

Assigning complete module output to a variable


This is pretty useful, dropped into your Action this retrieves the fully rendered (layout, template, content) output of another Action/Module. Many of the email examples recommend putting the content you wish to send out into a partial or component and show how to grab it for variable assignment, but this will take a whole page you might want to email ‘as is’. I use it retrieve a current newsletter page as it is would be rendered for the web so I can drop it into an email.

Flexible but full Absolute URLs to assets

  stylesheets:    [main , 'https://mysiteDotCoDotUK/path/to/this.css']
  javascripts:    ['https://mysiteDotCoDotUK/path/to/that.js']

The books don’t seem to mention it, but you can use absolute URLs in your view.yml for embedding stylesheets and javascripts. So you can set granular stylesheet and script settings down to the module while still producing absolute links to them. When your assets also use the absolute=>true boolean options in Link and Asset Helpers, then you have dynamically generated fully standalone output. I’ll be using this to make sure email newsletters find their supporting content.

With this, I can provide the editor interface, management and preview options, a live copy of the current newsletter and archive of old ones on the web, and share the very same content in mails to subscribers.