Silbury update 32

April 29th, 2008

Blogged too soon, English Heritage Silbury Update 32 has now been released.

Imminent completion had me wondering yesterday about what would happen when all filling was complete, today my wondering’s over but my fears remain.

All repair works to summit, tunnels and sides are now complete, the sides repairs will be seeded and Skanska have begun to clear up the Hill by removing the entrance way they installed.

A fence has been erected (photo figure 2) around the summit infill area, so that it can be ‘allowed to completely dry out safely’.

I’m impressed that the Hill has been repaired. There were times its future didn’t look good at all, and even the recent updates reported new surface voids and collapse problems.

Given the weather so far this year and the wet forecast for Summer, I almost wish that they were keeping a small presence there until the next few months show the site to be truly safe and sound.

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