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The Museum of British Folklore

August 20th, 2009

the Museum of British Folklore near the Hub, Sidmouth Folk Week


The Museum at Sidmouth Folk Week,  More photographs here

“It is … a surprising fact that there exists no properly funded centre in Britain to research and celebrate our native traditions and vernacular arts.

It is my aim, that over the next few years, such an institution will exist, which will address this situation”

Simon Costin

You can read more about Simon Costin’s plan to celebrate and educate British folklore and heritage and the current Museum Tour on the website, https://museumofbritishfolklore.com.

Putting IWMW2009 into action

August 10th, 2009

I am not alone in being fired up the by plenaries, parallels and general fervour(?) that the Institutional Web Management Workshop inspires.
My first act towards devil may care guerilla HE web improvement begins today, as I re-present  Рto members of our Marketing Team Рsome of the main concepts discussed by Michael Smethurst and Matthew Wood from BBC Music in their plenary on how they make websites.

My audience has been primed with the knowledge that they don’t start with wireframes and Photoshop mock-ups, so there’ll be plenty to talk about. This will hopefully inform an upcoming reworking of our student centred web provision. I’m also arming myself with Mr Boag’s Making your killer applications… killer! slides – covering everything from Desktop convergence to thinking in apps, not pages, and the challenges of bringing these methods into the HE web.

Avebury Megameet 2009

August 5th, 2009

Avebury Megameet 2009

Avebury Megameet 2009

My Design to promote or otherwise furnish information about this year’s Avebury Megameet.

Sadly I didn’t make it. Next year I hope.