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Sharepoint versus basic application design

March 13th, 2007
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Sharepoint, site deleted

Where do I go now then, exactly?

Can I have my navigation back please?

Can I logout now please?


Woking …ham

December 13th, 2006
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Writing from Wokingham - redDot Liveserver training. Last day today, so we’ll be heading back sometime in the afternoon. Hopefully we’ll be dropping into Burghclere to see the murals by Stanley Spencer at the memorial chapel.

edit: got to Burghclere, well after dark and if it had been open, it was, by then, shut.

We’ve been spoiled here as the accommodation is adjoined to the excellent pub, so the food and drink has been great and in good supply!

I managed to lock myself out of the en-suite. Managed to get it open again (with a bit of jury-rigging involving a pen-refill) but didn’t figure out how it happened in the first place.

Wiki Promotion - an utterly childish solution for small teams

October 5th, 2006
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Thanks go to Phil Wilson for his post about Wiki promotion in small teams. I ran an impromptu formatting tutorial at my desk yesterday, and continue to post everything I do, then mail the link to the team. Few, but some of us, are using Feedreader to get updates.

In a new twist, I’m appealing to their inner children, and a little fear and mistrust can also go a long way. In short:

we’ve started keeping scores for The Circle Game on the wiki.

All in all it’s working, I have been distracted from this post twice now due to my Wiki’ing cohorts. What’s more they’re using it for work stuff too.

Simple returns

September 22nd, 2006
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Simple Back Button generator (opens in a new window)

It’s not rocket science, in fact it’s probably not even breadmaker science, but it’s useful. Detects if there’s a history to return to before adding a back button to a menu of your choosing.

Our CMS generated breadcrumb trail reflects the site structure, not an individual user’s path into the site - this was one possible solution to the loss of adequate return navigation when you go from one site area (say a school) to another (a service team perhaps).

Rant:outlook 2003

September 15th, 2006
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Fora definition

Will someone please tell Outlook 2003 about this.


July 25th, 2006
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Finally the team has a Wordpress MU installation up and running - we’re now creating a flurry of blogs for everyone (including one of the Operators, who’ll be running a ‘claim to fame’ blog which started this whole process off.

MU appears to have a just a few limitations which we may need to iron out, but no showstoppers so far. It’s running on the same VM as the wiki, but thankfully now on a dedicated server - not my desktop!