Gnoppix through VMWare

Not being able to change the boot options on most machines in the office, I needed a quick n’ dirty way to run a Gnoppix LiveCD on my machine. Enter VMWare…

  1. Open VMWare, create a new Virtual Machine with type MS-DOS, minimal disk space but as much memory as you fancy, save it where you like.
  2. Edit your V.M. settings so your physical CD Rom/DVD drive is available.
  3. Start the V.M., press F2 to enter setup. Move along to Boot and make sure ‘CDROM’ is your first boot device.
  4. Save changes, restart with your CD in place, and you’re up and running.
Linux LiveCD through VMWare 1
Linux LiveCD through VMWare 2
Linux LiveCD through VMWare 3
Linux LiveCD through VMWare 4
Linux LiveCD through VMWare 5

The directory where you saved your V.M. will swell in size when in use, because of the memory requirements you specify in step 1. So while it needs to be run from an appropriately sized drive, once shut down the directory reduces to – in my case – 568kb, nice and portable.

At step 2, I’m guessing you could point it to the Gnoppix ISO instead and save the read times from the CD.