My Ideas Of March

A post in support of Chris Shiflett‘s call for a blogging revival.

I follow around sixty bloggers and blog sites on topics that include the arts (artists blogs such as Martin Greenland‘s blog); alot of web, mobile, application design and programming commentary; Institutional IT views from Brian Kelly, Mike Ellis as well as long form writing about online marketing, data visualisation , typography and graphic design.
There are history and archaeology blogs too. Paul Barford’s Portable Anquity Collecting and Heritage Issues and the Heritage Journal.

Why blogs matter to me

I’ve seen and met many interesting people that share my interests, work in my field, or both. Their weblogs provide me with an astonishing wealth of written, visual and auditory entertainment, information and commentary on the things that matter to me.

Such wealth, archived online. Ready to entertain, inform and inspire the next visitor.

Its Alexandria on speed.

Re-birth of the Author

I came to blogging proper in late 2006, I’d begun study for a computing MSc and had begun to dip my toes into Open Source development. I installed WordPress and have stayed with it for the sense of control and ownership of content.

I write about my interests – visual design, photography, painting, history, heritage issues, archaeology and on occasion personal things – usually the joys.

I also write about the events I’ve attended and the technologies I am using, evaluating, or developing in my role as a Higher Education web developer or for other projects. I enjoy sharing the things I find out and on occasion they assist others too.

Ideas of March

This month I’ll be writing about the personal goals and challenges I have ahead of me. I’ll be rounding up the threads about the recently launched Guerilla Gardening the Institutional Web Course Finder UX project I kicked off many moons ago, and perhaps write some more on the PHP frameworks I use.